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UMS Wins City of Casey’s Sportsground Contract

On 3rd July 2018, UMS won the City of Casey’s sportsground contract. This marked a huge achievement for UMS because for the first time the Council had awarded the contract for all the zones. Previously, the contract was split between two providers. Since our commencement, UMS has received positive feedback from our client and Berwick Football Club on the presentation of the grounds in preparation for the Grand Final.

City of Casey's Sportsground Contract

UMS thanked the Council for believing in our ability to deliver a quality service across the 110 sportsfields. Our staff were thrilled when they heard we were successful in our bid. We look forward to working with the City of Casey over the next four years plus an option of four years.

In the City of Casey’s Planning & Infrastructure spring newsletter, UMS was announced as the successful contractor for Casey’s sportsground in “Sportsground Contracts: Welcome UMS”:

Recently the Parks team has reviewed all of the existing Sportsground contracts that have been in place for seven years. A new specification was developed to help us meet our goals in the new Council Plan. There were a good number of excellent quality bids submitted and evaluated by the panel and contractors, which was then decided and approved by the Council. 

The positive outcomes from the review and allocation of the contracts will be an improved level of service to Casey Sportsgrounds, reduced cost – we’re getting more for less and more efficient budget results.

Our successful contractor UMS has purchased some new equipment to weave their magic on our sportsgrounds.”

City of Casey's Sportsground Contract City of Casey's Sportsground Contract

As part of this contract, our team members have worked hard in preparing the Edwin Flack oval, leading up to the Grand Final. Their efforts were recognised when our clients praised the presentation of the grounds.

Mr Hughes, the Vice President of Facilities at the Berwick Football Club, complimented our workmanship: “The ground looked amazing, people commented on how great it looked. Please pass on a big thank you to the [staff] who worked on it. Well done.”  Mr Szybkowski, Sportsgrounds Coordinator at the City of Casey, was also happy with how the grounds turned out despite the poor Melbourne weather on the day of the Grand Final.

Neil McGrath, Contract Manager at UMS, said: “A great team effort from the staff at UMS who have pride in their work and have taken ownership of their responsibilities and expectations for this new contract.”

Known as the “Safe Trusted Experts” in the industry, UMS prides ourselves on our promise in delivering a quality and safe service to our clients.