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Using Street Art to Fight Against Graffiti 

Graffiti is not just unsightly and a criminal offence but a significant drain on Councils resources. The City of Greater Dandenong’s Street Art Project aims to discourage illegal graffiti and tagging by covering the walls in commissioned Street Art. While some taggers and stencil artists might be just interested in communicating among themselves, others have managed to turn their art into a career; like local artist Julian Clavijo. The Melbourne artist was given the enormous task of covering the dilapidated substation, in Springvale, and the outcome was truly impressive! And yes, how he drew those children upside down so well is boggling my mind too!

UMS’ Graffiti Department was in charge of applying a protective Anti-Graffiti coating to the Street Art. Ensuring many more passers-by can enjoy this beautiful piece of art. The Anti-Graffiti coating allows for easy removal of any graffiti attacks without any damage to the Street Art.

Since this Street Art was finished back in March, UMS has not had to remove any graffiti off it. Previously, UMS was removing graffiti off the substation on a weekly basis.