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Temporary Fencing to the Rescue

UMS has had to deal with our fair share of hard climate conditions and winds, on projects, over the years. So, we understand the impact the elements have on temporary fencing. At UMS, we take into consideration all the conditions on site. Including the average wind velocity of the area.

For high wind areas like at Essendon Keilor College in Victoria, we can see how the hire company’s temporary fencing failed as they did not determine the most appropriate form of fencing. Leaving the College’s site vulnerable and unsafe. The purpose for safely securing the site is for health and safety reasons. You do not want people being able to enter the site and sustain an injury. Their temporary fence had fallen over, damaging the fence, but luckily did not injure any innocent bystanders.

Damaged Temporary Fencing at Essendon Keilor College

When UMS was notified about the fence our staff quickly came to rectify it. Our team neatly stacked the old temporary fence and arranged pick-up from the hire company. The new temporary fencing was installed by UMS with adequate bracing and counterweights. All done correctly to the Australian Standards.

UMS replace Temporary Fencing at Essendon Keilor College

Unfortunately, some hire companies think that erecting temporary fencing is a quick and easy job. But therein lies the problem. At UMS we understand the impact the elements have on site and with winter right around the corner we are sure to see more windy weather. If you are looking into temporary fencing, feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly staff members. With after-hours reactive maintenance services, you can always rely on UMS to be there for you when mother nature may not.