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Good Advice – Tackling Graffiti in Playspaces

We came across an informative article in Play Australia, Summer 2018 – Issue 01, written by UMS’ Executive Manager, Mike Hoy, on the safety implications of substances used for removing graffiti from playground equipment.

Removing Graffiti - UMS Employee

To tackle graffiti in playspaces he advised readers that:

  • –   The diversity of materials used in manufacturing playground equipment and the types of medium used by graffiti vandals means that there isn’t a ‘single solution’ for all graffiti;
  • –   Using paint to remove graffiti off painted timber, concrete or other painted surfaces is a simple process. It doesn’t have immediate impacts on children (other than it needing to dry). However, colour matching and overspray in windy conditions can become a hazard for children;
  • –   ‘Graffiti-Proof’ Coatings can be expensive, so they should mainly be used on specialist assets or those that would be difficult to maintain if graffitied (i.e. murals, artworks etc.);
  • –   Citrus-based ‘Graffiti-Proof’ products tend to be more low-risk;
  • –   However, most ‘Graffiti-Proof’ Coatings are only as effective as they are maintained by regular re-application. Once the coating is damaged by abrasion or multiple graffiti removal attempts, the coating becomes degraded and the graffiti becomes harder to remove;
  • –   Where surfaces are unprotected, and chemical treatment is a requirement, the products used to remove graffiti WILL have some constituents that are poisonous if ingested in large enough quantities (i.e. caustic compounds, needed for removing the graffiti); and
  • –   In these circumstances washing or wiping down surfaces after completing removal will remove the chemical as well as the residual graffiti medium that comes off the surface.
  • Removing Graffiti - UMS Employee

Mike Hoy has been with Urban Maintenance Systems (UMS) for over 10 years. His extensive knowledge and experience in Local Government parks and infrastructure services are invaluable to UMS.

With over 20 years of experience and being well-known as the ‘Safe Trusted Experts’ amongst Local Councils, UMS delivers the safest approach towards removing graffiti from playground equipment. Our team of professional graffiti removalists are experts within their field and the products used to remove graffiti are safe, cost-effective and environmentally friendly.

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