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UMS Completed Installing Specially Designed Gates at the Save-A-Dog Shelter

Recently Urban Maintenance Systems (UMS) completed installing specially designed and tailored stainless-steel gates at the Save-A-Dog shelter.

This was an incredibly rewarding project to work on. The Save-A-Dog Scheme is a Malvern, Victoria, community-based non-for-profit animal welfare organisation. They save and re-home hundreds of dogs and cats every year and are also a leader of the no-kill movement (since 1985). Creating a legacy of change by saving and not killing companion animals.

Save-A-Dog Scheme  Save-A-Dog Scheme  Save-A-Dog Scheme

This project was a very special one to UMS. We worked closely with Save-A-Dog to create gates that were built from a safety point of view. Along with the perspective of the gates longevity. A lot of thought and engineering went into these gates. The finished product has smooth edges (unlike many gates manufactured for animal shelters) to ensure that no animals could get harmed.

Save-A-Dog Scheme

All the little details were considered. Even things like how much light can get into the pen based on the mesh size. The ability for staff to view clearly into the pens at night. How small the gate opening, above the latch, needed to be so that the animals couldn’t climb up and get trapped. These were all things we factored into building these gates.

In total, 32 gates were installed – 5 gates at a time (weekly). This was mainly to minimise disruptions in the shelter and also lessen the noise for our furry little friends.