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Retail maintenance… The walls are speaking to you!

Have you ever looked at a store and instinctively decided it wasn’t for you (even before stepping foot inside)? The simple reason for this is, subconsciously the walls are speaking to you! And in this case, it’s not in a good way.

According to an omnibus survey of 1,000 consumers, by Morpace, 95% said that external appearance influences their decision of where to shop. 67% decided not to visit a store based solely on the appearance from the street and more than 50% avoided a store that looked “dirty” from the outside.

Rundown looking Woolworths store

With online stores constantly appearing and increasing in popularity, this shift has been an eye-opener for retail store owners. Once upon a time, a retail store owner looked at their business as just bricks and mortar. We are now in an environment where shoppers no longer need to step foot into a store to purchase what they want and the repercussion of this means retailers need to invest more focus on the appearance of their store.

The thought of missing out on more than 50% of potential customers just because of a lack of external maintenance is a reality but it can also be something that can be easily fixed.


Our subsidiary company, UMS Advantage, provides focused attention on delivering Commercial Property Maintenance nationwide to not only Retail but Child Care and Aged Care sectors.

Fixing exterior signage

Anyone requiring commercial property maintenance can rely on us as a ‘one stop shop’ for all their maintenance requirements. Your commercial property is an investment and you want to make the money you have to put into it, work for you.

With more than 20 years’ experience, if you want to discuss any of your commercial property maintenance needs, call one of our friendly staff members to discuss how we can help you.